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Take Your Socks and Shoes Off & Walk Barefoot On The Earth

Earthing is the connection between us and Mother Earth.  Earthing is a very simple yet powerful way to connect with the natural energies of the earth,  To quickly experience Earthing yourself, just walk or sit barefoot on the grass, sand, gravel, or unpainted concrete.  Stay for at least 15 minutes to a half hour.  You may notice that you feel calmer, pain you may be experiencing has lessened or it's gone. 

Feet in the Sea

It is is FREE

It Is Natural

It Is Simple

Vitamin G 

Energy from Mother Earth 


Benefits of Earthing

                   Calms the Sympathetic Nervous System

                    Promotes Health, Vitality, Better Sleep

Harmonizes & Stabilizes Basic Biological Rhythms in the Body

        Knocks Down & Even Knocks Out Chronic Inflammation,                              Reduced & Can Eliminate Pain

If you are interested in Earthing or Earthing products you can visit their websites   

The book is called, Earthing; The most important health discovery ever! by Clinton Ober, Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D, and Martin Zucker.  You can purchase on Amazon or the Earthing website.  

Facebook has a public group Earthing & Grounding HEALS

You are able to follow, earthing, on Instagram 

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