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I had Anne E. Kaspar, of Mindfulness Bodywork, work on me amazing as you all know I broke my ankle last March.  I finally got my boot off at end of May. I had Anne do the work of which she is a trained Practitioner in Fascial Counterstrain Bodywork. I was very crooked from wearing a boot for so long. Her work straightened my back out so both legs were even again, which helped me heal even faster.  I could climb, walk around on uneven ground, and climb on rocks at a spiritual retreat in Mt Shasta.

I had Anne work on me for the 2nd time after I got back just to make sure everything wasn't getting crooked again. Her treatment was again great, and my body feels better and better as days go by... because you become more aligned as time passes.

I will continue to returnAnne E Kaspar! 

Congratulations Anne!  You are a real asset to our community and blessing to this Universe.

Kimberly Jones- Fober

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